New Brunswick Sportsfishing Association (NBSFA) Chairman’s Letter


At 20 below most people are probably thinking of either hockey, curling or more importantly keeping warm. However, a number of us “die-hard” fishermen are patiently waiting for the ice to leave both the lakes and rivers and the snow to soak into the earth so that we can finally get out on the water. Here we are in March already and in approximately six weeks or so we will once again gather along the shores of Harvey Lake for the opening of the 2017 NBSFA Smallmouth Bass Tournament Series, our 21st year.


 I am extremely excited about the upcoming year, I am working alongside a very dynamic Board of Directors with both insight and wisdom from the seasoned and keeping up with the times-ideas from the rookies. Prior to introducing the newly voted in Board of Directors this year I would like to also take this opportunity and thank last year’s Board of Directors lead by Rick Greene for the tremendous season last year. “Thank you Rick and gentlemen”. This year’s Board of Directors including the second lady to join the NBSFA BODs are as follows


 Chairman  Bert Beek

Vice Chairman Don Bishop

 Secretary  Dennis Sennett

 Treasurer  Rosaline Cormier

 BOD Member  Tim Chambers

 BOD Member  Roland Guimont

 BOD Member  Ryan Hood

 BOD Member  Adam Foster

 BOD Member  Bryant Morrice

 BOD Member  Andrew Oliver

 BOD Member  Don Paterson

 BOD Member  Terry Taylor

 BOD Member  Eddie Watling


With the opening remarks and introductions aside, I now would like to concentrate on the upcoming season and pass along the many things the Board of Directors and myself have been busily working on. These points/activities/etc are in no particular order:


2017 NBSFA AGM Points:


* Livewell Switches: In conjunction with boats being checked for live bait, life jackets and empty livewells, this year, all boats prior to entering the water will also be checked to ensure that their livewell switches are working. Boats without proper livewell switches working will not be permitted to partake in that particular tournament until such time as it is fixed;


* Captains Meeting: 15 minutes prior to the take off at every tournament there will be a Captain’s Meeting which Captain’s or their partner must attend. Important points pertaining to that specific tournament will be announced during these meetings;


  • NBSFA Photographer: This year we have hired a semi-professional photographer by the name of Nathan Robinson to take photos at everyone of our events which will be posted to our website within 48 hours following each event:


  • 2016 NBSFA Hats: For those of you that were a member in 2016 and have not picked up your 20th Anniversary NBSFA Hat, you can do so by making contact with Tim Chambers;


  • 2017 NBSFA Tournament Staff: This year’s tournament staff will once again consist of Jim Munn as our Tournament Director, Dennis Sennett as our Person in Charge of our NBSFA trailer and one other person to be identified at a later date;


  • NBSFA Jackets: Due to the excessive costs to the NBSFA, it was voted upon at the AGM that this year the NBSFA will only be responsible for jackets for Team of the Year and Championship Teams. However, if individuals or teams not winning the Team of The year or Championship wish to purchase a jacket they can. Roland Guimont has been actively searching out new jackets and suppliers and will have further details pertaining to their purchase once he irons out the costs, supplier, etc;


  • NBSFA Trailer: Last year and the year prior we paid both Terry Taylor and myself to haul the trailer to all of our tournament events. Based on costs and the aggravation to get the trailer to and from the site, being the first to arrive and the last to leave and finally not being able to travel with your fishing partner because you were both is separate trucks, we have decided to take another approach to getting the trailer to the tournament sites. Through Enterprise Trucks we have made a deal with them to rent a truck for each event. Our Person in Charge of the trailer, Dennis Sennett will use this vehicle for transporting the trailer to and from each event alleviating the need to find someone to haul the trailer;


  • Most Improved Day Two: As discussed, voted on at the AGM, this year’s Most Improved Day Two Award will go to the team that (a) isn’t in the prize money for the overall weight and (b) has the most weight (biggest bag) of fish on day two amongst those who are not in the prize money.


  • Moncton Boat Show: As with years past, it is once again our intentions to represent the NBSFA at the Moncton Boat Show. This year’s show will take place on March 31st, April 1st and 2nd.  Again this year, Don Paterson has volunteered to be the person in charge of making this happen for the NBSFA. If you have any questions pertaining to the show or wish to assist, please contact Don;

  • Big Bass Award: Our Big Bass Award will once again be available for all teams to contend for. As per years past, the team weighing in the biggest Smallmouth bass during the regular tournament season will win the Big Bass Award which we are currently working on which will in all probability consist of two high end rods and reels, $500.00 cash and trophies provided by Victory Meats & Abu Garcia which will be presented at our Annual Awards Banquet:


  • Annual Awards Banquet: Although I have not confirmed the location, please mark your calendars for 25 November, 2017 as this is the date ear-marked for the NBSFA Annual Awards Banquet. Once again it is my intentions to hold the banquet at the Hilton in St John where we have held it for the past couple of years. More information to follow regarding this subject:


  • Tournament Payouts:  Unlike other tournament series’, all of the NBSFA tournament payouts will be based on our sliding scale as per past years. Of note, the NBSFA pays back 100% of the purse to their competitors. The costs associated with trophies, tournament staff, fuel, etc come from the funds generated from memberships and sponsors not from the fishermen’s purse;


  • Website: Undoubtedly many of you have noticed over the past while that our website is down as well probably noticed that it had been hacked by Russian Hackers in the past. This is a “PRIORITY” for the Board of Directors to get the website back on-line with specific security measures in place to not allow hackers on the site as well as a format for the NBSFA Board of Directors to pass along information, STATS and photographs of our membership at our tournaments. On that note, rather than me getting into the specifics as to what we are doing I will tell you that we have hired a “Website Guy” if you will to revamp and fix our site. Terry Taylor has been working with this particular person for the past couple of months and hopefully in the near future the site will be back on-line with required updates. Until then, I’d kindly ask for your patience while these gentlemen do their magic and work towards a new and improved site;


  • Facebook: Until such time as our web-site is down, I’d kindly refer you to our Facebook page where new information, etc will be posted. Our facebook page is simply NBSFA Facebook page;


  • Rules & regulations: Copies of the NBSFA Rules & Regulations as well as the NBSFA Bylaws will be kept in our trailer. Members wishing to obtain a copy of these can do so by asking Dennis Sennett for a copy. Please note, once the NBSFA web site is back up and running, copies of these will also be able to be obtained from on-line.


Chairman’s Note Regarding Rules & Regulations: Ladies and Gentlemen, during the Annual General Meeting I made it very clear that in order for the NBSFA Board of Directors to make a decision regarding anything that may be contentious, it must be delivered to the BODs in writing as per rule 25. Comments or complaints of anything contentious during a tournament WILL NOT be entertained if they are not received in writing as action cannot be taken if a complaint, etc is not in writing. I thank you all in advance for your understanding as to why we cannot go forward with any sort of action based on verbal complaints;


2017 Tournament Schedule:


May 6th   Harvey Lake

May 20th & 21st  Nackawic

July 1st   Oromocto Kids Tournament

July 8th   Oromocto

July 22nd   Magaguadavic Lake

August 5th   Perth-Andover

August 19th  Oromocto

September 2nd & 3rd Woodstock

September 16th & 17th Championship “Fish-Off” Oromocto / Woodstock


Note 1: The Woodstock Kids Tournament will take place of day two at Woodstock on 03 September:


Note 2: A Kids Tournament will also take place in Nackawic this spring on day two (21 May 2017) with details to follow:


2017 NBSFA SPONSORS: This year like year’s past we have secured a number of great sponsors and await for answers back from a few others. Rather than holding up the mailout and the tournament sign-up/membership sheets, they are incorporated in this mailout with the tournament headliners left blank. Once the remainder of the sponsors are secured, the Board of Directors will then decide which sponsors based on a multitude of things as to who will headline what tournament. On that note, your membership and tournament applications may be sent to our new Treasurer, Rosaline Cormier at the following address:


Rosaline Cormier

758 Route 670

Ripples, NB

E4B 1E9



Electronic transfers can be forwarded to my email address at and I will forward to Rosaline for processing. Please note that members are kindly asked to pay prior to the tournament date so that paperwork can be processed and our treasurer is not swamped along the shoreline accepting cash, cheques, etc for unpaid tournaments and membership fees;


2017 Flea Market:  The NBSFA 2017 Annual Flea Market will once again take place on 08 April, 2017 at Phil’s Automotive & Recreation at the old Star Choice building (same as last year). Tables to sell your old fishing gear at a cost of $10.00 each can be obtained through Adam Foster. This year Adam has secured guest speakers to speak on behalf of Muskie, Sturgeon and he is still working on a smallmouth speaker. This is an excellent day to get out, talk fishing and sell off some of that old gear you may never use again. It is also a great day to shake off the winter and reconnect with some fishing buddies. For more information regarding to the Flea Market, please contact Adam;

Nackawic 2017: Last week I personally met with Jeff Wilson, Mr. Robert Simpson, Nackawic Town Councillor and Mr. Randy Wilson, Nackawic CAO where we discussed a partnership between the NBSFA and the Town of Nackawic for the upcoming spring tournament. In a nutshell, the town would like to partner up with us and is currently working on a sponsorship to try and get us $5,000.00 in cash to go towards our first, second and third place teams for the spring tournament.


If this flourishes and the town is able to gain the sponsorship, based on the same boat field as last year we would looking at approximately $7,500.00 for first, $4,000.00 for second and $2,500.00 for third place finishes.


More details to follow under the Special Announcement:


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Ladies and Gentlemen, on the 8th of April, 2017, I would like to call a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING following the Annual Flea Market at the same location at 2:00 PM.  It will be at this time that I make a special announcement in which I believe the membership needs to provide feedback going forward. The announcement itself has to do with the late Dennis Wilson who has willed the NBSFA some funds to be used. Currently there are only a couple of members, including myself who are aware of the amount however given Dennis’ wishes I strongly feel that the membership needs to aid in the Board of Directors decisions going forward.


Conclusion: I am extremely excited about the 2017 NBSFA fishing season. Given the strong possibilities of increasing the cash payouts in Nackawic, the special announcement I will be making in April along with the secured sponsors we have now, the 2017 season will definitely be one to remember.


I along with the new Board of Directors look forward to both serving the NBSFA Membership as well as partaking in the scheduled events.


On that note, I hope that the remaining part of the winter treats you all well, keep warm and we shall see you in the spring.


Thanks for your time.




Bert Beek

Chairman, NBSFA





Bert Beek   Chairman  385-2335

Don Bishop  Vice Chairman 832-7304

Dennis Sennett  Secretary  738 8799

Rosaline Cormier  Treasurer  385-2335

Tim Chambers  BOD Member  456-2207

Terry Taylor  BOD Member  440 7196

Ryan Hood  BOD Member  261 7305

Roland Guimont  BOD Member  473 0459

Eddie Watling  BOD Member  471 5559

Don Paterson  BOD Member  433 0075

Andrew Oliver  BOD Member  366 5605

Adam Foster  BOD Member  471 9667

Bryant Morrice  BOD Member  461-7005