Harvey May 6 2017

Dear NBSFA Membership,

Yesterday, 08 April 2017 following the NBSFA Annual Flea market we conducted a Special General Meeting to discuss monies willed to the NBSFA by the late Dennis Wilson.

For those of you that missed this, I wish to summarize what took place so that the membership is well aware:

I was informed sometime ago through Mark Alward and Dennis’ brother that Dennis had willed the NBSFA a substantial amount of cash to be used by the NBSFA over a long period of time. Now in saying this it is important for the readers to understand that the willed amount needs to be verified through Dennis’ brother’s attorney and a settlement of Dennis’ estate still needs to take place. Once the estate has been finalized, we will then and only then know the exact amount that Dennis was able to leave the association.

On that note, I took the liberty to draft a legal document which has been given to the Wilson family which depicts the amount of monies we are able to spend from this from year to year. This was done for two reasons, mainly Dennis’ desire to keep the NBSFA running for many years and secondly so that someone coming in behind this Board of Directors cannot spend an enormous amount of money on a single tournament.

Going forward the Wilson family has asked for one thing, a Memorial Tournament in Dennis’ name. With that in mind and the fact that we had already set-up, voted on and advertised our Annual Schedule, I called on a Special General Meeting yesterday in order for the membership to discuss what we could do and the BEST Date(s) that both fitted into our planned schedule as well as what worked best for the NBSFA membership.

After many thoughts, comments, ideas, etc it was unanimously voted on by the majority of the membership present (37 excluding myself) that we change the first scheduled tournament out of Oromocto on July 8th to a two day tournament being run on the 8th & 9th of July and call it the “Dennis Wilson Open Memorial”.

As well, it was also suggested, discussed and unanimously voted on that this tournament be assessed at a cost of $200.00 for members and $250.00 for non members as well open to everyone.

With that in mind, the payouts will also be based on a $200.00 entry fee and a $200.00 sliding payout schedule , much the same as we currently used in the remainder of our tournaments ($150.00 for a single day & $300.00 for a two day event).

HOWEVER, the First place prize will now be $10,000.00 based on a 50 boat field.

Adding to this conversation as well was the FACT that we are also increasing the Team of The Year based on both Dennis’ and the Wilson families desire,  from $2,000.00 to $5,000.00

It is important to note that the $10,000.00 will be paid out at the Dennis Wilson Memorial tournament to the first place winners, the TOTY will also receive $5,000.00 however, if for some reason the estate is not settled by the time we hold the Annual Awards Banquet we will pay the Team of The Year $2,000.00 at the banquet and the remaining $3,000.00 once the estate is settled.

There are several fishermen and women who have already paid for the full season, if for some reason you do not wish to fish the newly scheduled tournament on July 8th & 9th I will happily refund your monies for that tournament. For those who have already paid and wish to fish the 8th & 9th of July we will collect an additional $50.00 from you down the road.

Concluding, Dennis Wilson willed the NBSFA a very large sum of money he worked long and hard for.  In trying to keep with the wishes of Dennis to increase the Team of The Year as well as the families desire for us to run a Dennis Wilson Memorial, both myself and the other Board of Directors wanted to be very open and allow the General membership the opportunity to present, discuss and finalize a tournament which met all three, Dennis’, the Wilson family and the NBSFA memberships wishes.

Please pass the word around.

See you all on the water.

Bert Beek

Chairman, NBSFA

2017 NBSFA Schedule

March 31- April 2  – Moncton Outdoor Show

April 8 –  Flea Market (at Phils Storage Bldgs)

May 6  – Harvey Lake

May 20/21 – Nackawic

July 1 – Oromocto Kids Tournament

July 8/9 – Dennis Wilson Open Memorial – Oromocto

July 22 – Magaguadavic

August 5 – Perth-Andover

August 19 – Oromocto

September 2/3  – Woodstock

September 16 – Oromocto Championship

September 17 – Woodstock Championship